If you are wondering why you should hire a professional real estate photographer, read on for the top 5 reasons.

Over 92% of home buyers start their searches online instead of immediately consulting a real estate agent. With so much competition in the real estate market, it is important to have your house stand out if you want to sell it quickly.

The photos you use for your online home listing are your first and only chance at making a good impression on buyers. If you think you don’t need a professional real estate photographer, you may want to reconsider.

1.) Professional Images by an Experienced Photographer Stand Out

Top photo taken by Real Estate Photos NJ with a DSLR camera. Bottom photo taken with a smartphone.

Many other real estate agents and independent sellers will be hiring professional real estate photographers. If you’re taking photos on a smart phone, your listing will go unnoticed.

Experienced photographers have a keen understanding of lighting, composition, and color, which are all necessary to stunning photos. If you hire a professional photographer for your real estate listing, you’ll have a cutting competitive edge.

2.) Your Listings Will Sell Faster

Beautiful photos entice buyers to look at your listing. If your listing only contains amateur photos from a smart phone, buyers are unlikely to view it at all because it looks unprofessional. When there are so many other options on the market, buyers will not waste their time with a listing that looks unpromising.

Having a lot of sharp, colorful photos of your home makes buyers feel more confident about devoting time to see the house in person. PR Newswire reports that listed homes with professional photographs sell 32% faster than homes that did not have professional photos.

If you’re an independent seller, this means that you can move on with the house selling process more quickly. If you’re a real estate agent, that means you get your commission check sooner.

3.) Professional Photographers Have Specialized Equipment, Training, and Software

While professional cameras, lighting equipment, and photo editing software are all very expensive, the training that a professional photographer has is priceless.

For example, dark rooms such as basements or attics are very difficult to photograph because of poor lighting. Rooms with too much lighting are also difficult to photograph because average cameras will wash out details.

For the seasoned photographer, however, these obstacles are simple. Specialized equipment allows the photographer to add or detract lighting. Photography software allows them to enhance the image even more.

4.) Higher Quality Photography Means Higher Asking Prices

According to a 2013 study by Redfin, professionally photographed houses that were listed for between $200,000 and $1 million sold for about $3,400 to $11,200 more relative to their listing prices.

The cost of a professional real estate photographer is a small investment for the profit you could be making.

5.) Hiring A Professional Photographer Saves You Time

Selling a home is a very time-consuming and sometimes stressful process. Hiring somebody else to do the work of photographing and editing will save you a lot more time than if you tried to do it by yourself.

Do you need a professional real estate photographer?

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With 15 years of experience, top-line professional equipment, and a well-trained eye, we will showcase your property’s best features in an array of enticing photographs.


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