Professional Commercial Real Estate Photography
Helps Your Advertising Dollars Pay Off.

For optimal impact in your advertising and marketing, professional photography is key.

Whether you’re selling or leasing an office building, commercial space in a building or complex, or architectural, interior design or decorating services, it’s just common sense to back up your print and Internet advertising investment with the best possible images of your offerings. For outstanding, cost-effective commercial real estate photography in New Jersey and the Lehigh Valley, choose Real Estate Photos NJ.With 15 years of experience, top-of-line professional equipment, and a well-trained eye, Real Estate Photos of NJ will capture your building or complex, your models and designs, in an array of enticing photographs. We can also photograph progress on construction projects to illustrate your capabilities from the beginning to project completion.

We use the latest technology and equipment and provide professional lighting and expert retouching services to produce quality images that sell or rent your spaces faster. We are offering you quick turnaround and final images that are downloadable 24/7.

Contact us for more information, including such additional services as presentations, brochures, enlargements, aerial photos, and more.