An experienced real estate photographer can make all the difference in how quickly you sell your home, and for how much.

Listed homes with professional photographs sell about 32% quicker than homes with amateur photos. When the real estate market in New Jersey is so competitive, high-quality photographs by a professional real estate photographer are crucial for a fast and lucrative sale.

If you need to see it before you believe it, continue reading to understand the incredible difference we can make.

This kitchen seems like it’s hiding something.

This kitchen looks dark and cramped. Buyers can’t tell where the stove or appliances are, if they’re even are any. Cropped or oddly angled photos like this make a home look cramped at best, or like the seller is trying to hide something at worst.

When a photo leaves a lot of the room out of frame, buyers are discouraged from seeing it in person.

Image by Real Estate Photos NJ.

This kitchen has character, and now home buyers can see that!

This is a bright, spacious, lively kitchen that buyers can imagine themselves using. When we from Real Estate Photos NJ photograph the kitchen with professional equipment, buyers can see the details on the floor and wallpaper, the unique vintage look of the cupboards, and how much natural light that the windows let in.

This sunroom is uncomfortably dark.

A sunroom should feel relaxing and inviting, but this photo looks cold and tight. The angle of the photo combined with the large chairs makes the space look too awkward to ever be used.  

Image by Real Estate Photos NJ.

However, when a professional real estate photographer is hired, the room comes to life.

Real Estate Photos NJ has the experience to know the difference that sunlight can make in a photograph. In a place like a sunroom, capturing comfort and warmth is key to showcasing the character of this unique room. A different lens and angle were also used to show how much space this room truly has to offer.

Unlike the original photo, buyers can easily envision themselves basking in the warmth of this sunroom.

This living room simply does not look relaxing.

This photo focuses too much on the wood furniture, which gives this living room an outdated look. Poor lighting makes the carpet look dirty and the wallpaper unnaturally yellow.

The angle of this photo gives the impression that the room ends where the photographer is standing, making it look unusually small for a living room.

Image by Real Estate Photos NJ.

With Real Estate Photos NJ, the room’s full potential is unveiled.

When the angle is reversed, potential buyers can see how much this room has to offer.

Previously, a buyer would have never known that there are windows or an extra room in the back. With this photo, it becomes clear that this living room can comfortably host a group. Buyers can easily imagine themselves using this room to host get-togethers or family game nights.

Due to the wide-angle lens, there is less emphasis on the outdated furniture and more focus on the timeless white colors and spaciousness of the room.  

This bedroom is not somewhere that buyers want to envision themselves waking up every day.

This bedroom looks simply depressing. Poor lighting and amateur angles make this bedroom look dark, cramped, and overall unpleasant to be in.

Image by Real Estate Photos NJ.

This is a place that buyers can envision themselves comfortably sleeping in every night.

Now that Real Estate Photos NJ has photographed the bedroom, it looks bright, roomy, and refreshing. After a long day, this is where buyers want to rest.

There is a critical difference between making potential home buyers think that they could live in a home and making them want to live there.

Do you need a professional real estate photographer for a home in New Jersey or the tri-state area? Real Estate Photos NJ will help you sell your home fast.

Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced professional photographers by calling 908-329-0595. With 15 years of experience, top-line professional equipment, and a well-trained eye, we will showcase your property’s best features. View our portfolio here.


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